Full Day Shoot - $1900 (Minimum of 20 selects)
1/2 Day Shoot - $1300 (Minimum of 10 selects)
1/4 Day Shoot - $800 (Minimum of 5 selects)

Option 1 - $80 per image
Print + Publication + Web + Social
Delivery in both full resolution and screen resolution JPEG format.

Option 2 - $60 per image
Web + Social (only)
Delivery in screen resolution JPEG format only.

Drone photography available at an additional fee of $500 (Full Day Shoots only).

All travel + accomodation costs are exclusive of day rates. 
All shoots outside of NSW are subject to a $300 per day interstate shoot fee. 
A pre-shoot stay away from home is subject to a $100 overnight stay fee.
Site reconnaissance visits are charged at $250 each.  

Turnaround 10-15 business days.
Express turaround fee (within 5 days of selects being made) available for an additional $50 per image.
Files will be delivered  upon receipt of payment. 
An additional retouching fee of $60 per image applies to any instances where the design, landscaping, streetscape etc needs to be altered.

Shoot costs can be shared with as many clients as neccessary. Examples below based on a Full Day Shoot: 
Cost sharing between 2 parties = $950 per party
Cost sharing between 4 parties = $475 per party
Cost sharing between 6 parties = $316 per party

Each client then purchases separate licenses to the images they want at the licensing rates listed previously (Option 1 - $80 per image, Option 2 - $60 per image).

This ensures each party gets the images they want from the shoot as the architect, builder, landscaper, suppliers all have differing needs. 


Please ensure that I am copied in to all correspondance with magazines/publications regarding publication of the images.


Felix Mooneeram is entitled to 50% of the shoot fee if the Client gives less than 5 days’ notice of:
(a) Cancellation of the shoot
(b) Changes to the date of the shoot